Dates: September 8, 2019 - January 28, 2020

Cost: $3800 (CND) Lecture $3000-$4000 Outreach



During this school the focus is to discover relationship with God in a Discipleship Training School.  Students in every stream share the same classes from Monday to Thursday, but on Friday and Saturday students in AWAKENING learn about their identity as a son or daughter in Christ.  Students use and grow their worship giftings, and often experience new worship styles. God has given each of His children gifts and talents to express His truths and love to the world around us.  

We will be exploring how God desires to use these gifts and talents to reach a lost and hurting world, as well as to grow deeper in relationship with God.  
Many of us don't even realize that God desires to redeem the arts through His people, and express His heart to them through these talents.  

You will be challenged to go deeper in prayer and worship and exploring your God given gifts.  With respect to the "The Arts" we will discover a wide variety of talents from vocals, song-writing, poetry, sketching, clay, sculpting, short stories, dancing, drama, painting, photography and more.  We will have a variety of guests come in and share their talents and how God has used their talents to change the lives of those they have impacted.  

No experience necessary.  You don't need to even be aware of these gifts and talents in your own life to join, just be open to discover the areas that God may desire to work through you. 
Come and join us in discovering how God has used a variety of giftings all through the history of the Bible to bring change to communities and cultures, to bring light into the darkness and bring people to freedom.
Grow deeply into who you are in Him and how He desires to use all your passions to express His heart to the lost and hurting.

Seek God for this adventure into the joys of listening to God and responding to His direction as you visit amazing destinations and see God live in you and through you.  Your mission will take you on a physical and spiritual journey spreading the good news of Jesus to the least, the last and the lost.  Students learn to hear God's voice to determine outreach locations.



Lecture phase: $3800 CND  (Including: accommodation, food, school fees, books, outdoor activity costs and airport pick (YYZ), if necessary)

Outreach: $3000-$4000

*Payment Schedule*

  $500 Deposit (Due June 1, 2019) 

  $3300 (September 8, 2019) 

Outreach:  $3000-$4000 CND (Due October 15th) 

(The outreach cost is dependent on location.)