DISCOVER JESUS - Discipleship Training School


Dates:  February 3, 2019 - June 26, 2019


Students in this stream discover relationship with God in a discipleship training school.  Discover Jesus students spend time with Jesus in worship, prayer, in His creation and everywhere.  Staff and students look to personal relationship with Jesus to discover Him in unique ways that only He can show.

God has given each person gifts, talents and passions. The DTS is focused on discovering God, and allowing Him to encourage you to reach your potential, have fun and live in relationship with Jesus. 

This DTS will challenge you to look for Jesus in new ways.  Build a relationship with Him.  Worship Him.  Praise Him. And from the overflow share the good news of the gospel with a world that is searching for the presence of Jesus.  

Each week new engaging speakers will encourage you pursue Jesus with purpose and desire.  The God shaped void in each students heart will be filled  with the presence of Holy Spirit.  

On outreach students will have many opportunities to share the love of Jesus in a cross cultural environment.  The outreach location is to be determined.  


COSTS:  Training Phase: $3800 CND (approx. USD$3000) 

(Including room, board, school fees, books, art supplies and airport pick up (YYZ), if necessary)  

Outreach $3000-$4000

**Payment Schedule**

 Deposit: $500 December 1, 2018

Second payment: $3300 Feb 4, 2019

Outreach:  $3000-$4000 CND  (Due March 15, 2019)  

Final outreach costs are dependent on location.