Internship Program


Who can come?

To apply for the internship program students must have completed a DTS.  

What is it?

For individuals who are desire to grow as a Jesus focused leader.  In every situation you are either a leader of a follower.  This program gives you hands on opportunities to follow Jesus and become a Spirit filled leader.

When is it?

It is run in the Fall and Winter quarters, but the numbers are limited to 7 Interns per quarter. 

What happens?

Interns function as a team alongside the DTS. Interns have leadership roles within the DTS, however,  they follow their own curriculum (which includes reading, discussion, teaching and off site training.)   Everyone that may want to staff a DTS should complete this program. 


Cost $2800

Duration: 12 weeks

Includes:  Teaching materials, food, accommodation and transportation.