DIRECTORS- Mark and Jerrilyn Jurgeneit

Mark and Jerrilyn Jurgeneit. They have two sons Aiden (left) and Ethan (right).

Mark and Jerrilyn finished their DTS in 2006 at the YWAM Kona base. They also staffed at the Kona base, and were director’s at the base in Mangere (South Auckland), New Zealand from 2010-2012. They have lead and/or oversaw outreaches to places like Fiji, China, India, Namibia, Amazonas, Mexico, Cuba, and First Nations Reserves in northern Canada.

Mark and Jerrilyn are relational and have a heart for bringing a “family-type” atmosphere wherever they go.  They know that God is a relational God, and so believe that they are to build relationships and walk through life with those God brings into their lives. This is their heart in discipleship.


DTS Leader- Amanda Isaacs

Amanda Isaacs is from Six Nations, Ontario.
She completed her DTS at the first YWAM Muskoka in 2014 and has been on staff since then.

Amanda is a nurturing spirit, whose home cooked food and "kitchen talks" warm the heart and nourish the soul. She is a deep well and a listening heart.
Amanda has a heart for the nations and longs to see every generation walk in their healing and freedom that is found in Christ.


DTS Leader- Andrea Depner

Andrea Depner came to Muskoka from her home country of Germany, and has been on staff with YWAM Muskoka since completing her DTS at the first school in 2013/2014.
Andrea is a hard worker and a humble heart. She loves learning about other cultures while travelling and enjoys working with children.
Andrea’s heart is driven to see God’s love pour out and radically transform the lives of those around her.


Bob and Kimberly Wahl

Bob & Kimberly Wahl have come alongside the YWAM Muskoka base from its beginning. They have 7 children and two daughters-in-law.  
Kim did her DTS at the Tyler, Texas base in 1986 and Bob completed his at the same base in 1989 when they were newlyweds. 

Bob and Kim's passion is to see people walk in freedom and wholeness in God as He leads them through the transformational journey of "head to heart" during DTS. 
Bob and Kim have a heart for family and know that 'family' isn't always blood. God continues to expand their family in the communities they live and grow together with.


Jon and Tami Masson - DTS Leaders

Jon and Tami Masson were married in July of 2008.  They are They have 3 children, Seth, Amayah, and Levi.
Jon did his DTS in 2005 at the base in Homer, Alaska, and Tami did hers in Kona, Hawaii in 2010.

This quirky couple loves to laugh and bring joy to everyone they meet. Their fun and outgoing personalities combined with their love for Jesus propels them into living a life of evangelism – sharing the love of Christ in their home, the streets, the marketplace, and church.
Their heart is to lead people into life changing encounters with the Father through the power of Holy Spirit and the Truth of Jesus.


Lorna Handy

Lorna Handy completed her Crossroads DTS in 2003 at the Manger base in Auckland New Zealand.

She is a mother to 3 grown children, grandmother to 8, and a spiritual mother to many!

Presently, Lorna serves as an elder/leader (Mama!) in YWAM Muskoka.

Lorna is always ready for God-assignments and adventures! The Lord has led her on prayer journeys and then out into the world to places like New Zealand, Coast to Coast Canada, Israel, North and South Korea, Hong Kong, Cuba, Jamaica, Grenada ......

Lorna carries the heart of an intercessor and is passionate for this generation to have spiritual encounters with Holy Spirit and to know His power and glory found in His presence.  She has a heart for First Nations communities and to see all cultures in this earth come to know the goodness of God through His healing, restoration, and freedom. 


Alexa McQuillan

Alexa McQuillan was born and raised in Bracebridge, Ontario.

In 2014 she did a DTS in Kona, Hawaii called Fire and Fragrance and joined YWAM Muskoka in 2017.

Alexa loves worship, prayer and Jesus! She has been blessed to travel to Asia and see the Gospel change lives!

She is undone by the way Jesus is awakening young leaders into their identity in Him and is passionate to see Him be made known everywhere.


Uziel Carrillo

Uziel Carrillo is from México and did his DTS in 2011 at YWAM Cancun, México. He joined the YWAM Muskoka staff team in 2016.

Uziel is passionate about cooking savoury foods and sharing the love of Jesus with everyone he knows.

He loves working with kids and seeing their families come to restoration and wholeness through the love of Christ. 


Soo Baye

Soo is from South Korea. 

She completed her DTS at YWAM Muskoka in 2018 and has been staffing since her graduation.

Soo is a gifted teacher and has a heart to see people walk in freedom.  She is a lover of Jesus with a passion for prayer, and longs to grow deeper in each new season with Holy Spirit.


Aiden Jurgeneit

Aiden completed his DTS in New Zealand in 2018.  He is a worship leader, who loves to take time with Jesus and people.  

Aiden went on his first outreach at 5 years old, where he was "caught" evangelizing to the village chief.  His first outreach without his parents was an outreach to Nepal when he was 12 years old.


DTS Leader-Will and Amanda Poil

Will & Amanda & their three children, Oliver, Benjamin & Madelin, joined us from Abbotsford BC where they felt a stirring to step out in faith and use their natural gifts of connecting with others and interest in sports to reach young people. Will did his DTS in 2002 in Medicine Hat Alberta with an outreach to Estonia and Latvia and then taught English in South Korea before attending Bible School in Thailand. Amanda did her DTS in 2000 at Lakeside Montana with an outreach to Thailand. After spending a year on Mercy Ships in West Africa she returned to Thailand where she lived for three years and met Will... and the rest is history!  Will and Amanda have a heart to disciple young people and see each person reach their God given potential and destiny.