Student Fee Payment Options

Email Transfer

For most Canadians this is the easiest and most direct method.

E-transfer to:

Email transfers to YWAM Muskoka are NOT tax receiptable.


Make out checks from Canadian banks to "YWAM Muskoka" and mailed to:

YWAM Muskoka

99 Spencer Street

Bracebridge, ON

P1L 1W9

Checks made out to YWAM Muskoka are NOT tax receiptable.

Bank Wire Transfer

For many International students this is the best option.

 Account Name: YWAM Muskoka

Bank: CIBC Bracebridge, 245 Manitoba St, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1S2


Branch #/Transit #:  01242

Institution #: 010

Account #: 2733110

Wire transfers are NOT tax receiptable.

Donations for Tax Receipts

YWAM Muskoka CAN NOT give CRA tax receipts.  However, donations made through YWAM Canada CAN receive a CRA donation receipt.  

These donations are subject to a 2.5%-5.5% fee.  

Click this link for information on donations that can receive a tax receipt,

Tax Receiptable by Credit Card

Donations made by credit card through CHIMP are subject to a 5% fee.

CHIMP donations ARE tax receiptable.

Click the link:

PayPal Payments

Payments to YWAM Muskoka through PayPal are NOT tax receiptable.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card